Dateline: 20th March 2012

Jonathan Limani Jailed for Beheading Murder

A man who beheaded a colleague during an apparently random attack at a golf club has been sentenced to a minimum sentence of 19 years and been told that he may never be released. 

Jonatham Limani - currently held in detention at Broadmoor - was a Albanian immigrant who had showed signs of a disturbed personality for many years before the murder in Thame, Oxford in August 2010. Twice sectioned for violent behaviour in Sweden

The unprovoked attack took place within the space of minutes as Christopher Varian took a cigarette break. Limani, who was working as a waiter at the same complex, stabbed Varian to death with a cheese knife taken from the kitchens and then proceeded to decapitate his body with the same knife. Witnesses described him as 'transfixed' as he sawed.

During this trial a psychiatrist told the court:

“He believed, in summary, that there was a conspiracy for the devil to inflict harm and, wrongly, he believed that Mr Varian was involved in this conspiracy. He was hearing voices from God (calling on him) to prevent this conspiracy from happening and, when required, to take his life in the way he did.”

We are reminded to a degree of his fellow Broadmoor inmate Peter Sutcliffe, who also invoked the 'voices from God' defence during his own trial for the murder of 13 women during the 1970s and 80s.

More prosaically, his family and local MP have raised concerns about how a man with such a well-documented history of violent and unstable behaviour was able to enter the country and acquire a job so easily.
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