Dateline: 24th October 2013

Steven Grieveson found guilty of fourth murder

Serial killer Steven Grieveson has been in prison since 1996, when he was found guilty of the murder of three teenage boys in Sunderland during the first half of the nineties. It is thought the killings were carried out as an attempt to conceal his own homosexual assaults on the boys. His victims were strangled with ligatures, and their bodies badly burnt afterwards.

Since being sentenced to a minimum 35 years, he has long been suspected of involvement in other attacks - particularly the murder of another local boy, Simon Martin, in 1990. He was finally brought to trial in 2013 and found guilty on the 24th October. Prior to 2004, he had denied his guilt of the other murders for which he was convicted.

He had been seen with Simon on the day of his disappearance but, oddly, despite his prior criminal record and subsequent conviction police failed to put together a case against him until 2012 - apparently accepting his word that he wasn't involved in the boy's death. Grieveson did not appear at the trial, but claimed through his solicitors that while he responsible for Simon's death he was of unsound mind and therefore not guilty of murder.

This was rejected and it is likely that Grieveson will now be given a whole life tariff and never be a free man again.
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