Top Story: 24th January 2022

Alan Barnfield Jailed for Outraging public decency in Shetland Pony sex case

A judge at Sheffield Crown Court jailed Alan Barnfield for years after he was convicted of nbsp outraging public decency He had been accused of having sex with two Shetland ponies in but was acquitted on those charges as no definitive evidence of intercourse could be adduced Prosecutors told the court that Doncaster resident Alan Barnfield was found by police sweating profusely and smelling strongly of horses after residents had spotted him acting suspiciously in the ponies' field They alerted police claiming to have seen Barnfield leading a pony into a dark wood at the end of its paddock assuming

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Is Crabzilla Real?

A flurry of reports in the press suggest that a 50 foot crab has been spotted on aerial photographs of Whitstable, hanging menacingly around the port.Quite what has propelled this story into the paper Read full story

The Ipswich Cat Killer

 If dogs are man's best friend cats are possibly in the running to be next in line. There are around 8.5 million domestic cats kept in the UK, and for many they are close personal companions. In Read full story

Jack the Ripper 'Identified by DNA' as Aaron Kosminski

A British businessman has sensationally claimed to have finally broken the riddle of Jack the Ripper's identity. Writing in the Daily Mail, 46 year old Russell Edwards has told how he purchased a shaw Read full story

Cliff Richard Rumours: Investigation Expanded

Cliff Richard performs at State Theatre; Sydney, Australia (2) by Eva Rinaldi from Sydney Australia - Cliff Richard. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.For many years, Cliff Richard's n Read full story

GCHQ In new hacking allegations: Google, Yahoo named among targets

GCHQ has long been established as the beating heart of UK clandestine intelligence operations. Earlier this year, it was fingered as a prime co-operator with the USA's equally shadowdy National Securi Read full story

Steven Grieveson found guilty of fourth murder

Serial killer Steven Grieveson has been in prison since 1996, when he was found guilty of the murder of three teenage boys in Sunderland during the first half of the nineties. It is thought the killin Read full story