Sex News: 24th January 2022

The London Pub 'Piss Dungeon'

That human sexual behaviour runs a gamut of variety - from socks-on-lights-off-missionary to bizarre sex games (some of which can even lead to death) is no great news in 2012. The advent of the i full story

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Woman With Two Vaginas: TV Interview

Hazel Jones has appeared on This Morning today to talk about her experience of uterus didelphys. This rare condition occurs when the vagina fails to develop normally in the womb, resulting in paired u full story

Harrogate's Turkish Baths actually a Den of Sin?

Harrogate Council have been forced to close male-only sessions at the town's famous spa following what is being enigmatically called 'inappropriate behaviour' among its patrons.What the exact nat full story

Sex Clinic for Stalkers is Launched

Stalkers are often viewed as a harmless if disturbing offshoot of modern society, with its openly-lived public lives and multiple communication channels.In fact, it can lead to violence of the very wo full story