Dateline: 9th December 2011

Sex Clinic for Stalkers is Launched

Stalkers are often viewed as a harmless if disturbing offshoot of modern society, with its openly-lived public lives and multiple communication channels.

In fact, it can lead to violence of the very worst kind - 3 out of 4 female murder victims who are killed by their partners or ex-partners are said to have been 'stalked' beforehand.

Overall, up to 10% of men and 20% of women are thought to have been victims of stalking at some point in their lives. Some doctors describe stalking in its most extreme form as "psychological terrorism".

Now Frank Farnham - a consultant forensic psychiatrist based at Haringey's St Ann's Hospital is setting up the first dedicated psychiatric service designed to help stalkers give up their sinister behaviour.

Farnham has categorised stalking behaviour into four categories - from 'rejected and resentful' former lovers who wanted to get back into a relationship with the object of their obsession, all the way through to "pathologically infatuated". This latter category are judged to be the most dangerous of all, and are often in the advanced stages of planning to abduct, harm or even kill the person they are stalking.

Farnham said:

"If we can treat stalkers we can save lives. There is a great need for a co-ordinated national service that can provide specialist advice and treatment." 
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