Dateline: 14th March 2012

The London Pub 'Piss Dungeon'

That human sexual behaviour runs a gamut of variety - from socks-on-lights-off-missionary to bizarre sex games (some of which can even lead to death) is no great news in 2012. The advent of the internet has seen a slew of hitherto hidden kinks and interests become public knowledge and activities such as BDSM have found themselves almost in the cultural mainstream.

But despite our increasing sexual openness, there are some practices which can startle even the most jaded soul. The London "Piss Dungeon" is almost certainly one. 

A punter in a pub in central London - run by one of the biggest chain operators in the country - approached the barman to report a bizarre experience in the toilets. According to him, he had seen an eyeball looking at him through a hole in the bottom of the urinal.

Naturally sceptical of this story, the barman accompanied the punter to the toilet and discovered that things were indeed little odd - even on first inspection. The floor was flooded with urine and a back door leading to the fire escape wouldn't open as of it course it should have. While trying to open the door, the pair were stunned when a man burst through - crying out "I've didn't do anything" and running past them, evidently soaking wet. Surprised into inertia, the two let the man effect his escape. Presumably he left the pub in an incredible hurry.

The two then passed through the door and uncovered a set up so bizarre that it almost defies comprehension.

Below the urinals, the pipework had been removed so that urine would flow directly into a hole in the wall rather than the sewage system. This hole had been enlarged to such a size that a man's head and shoulders could fit inside. the bottom edge of the hole was lined with toilet paper to make it 'comfortable' and was sodden with urine.

Wearing a snorkel to breathe, the man had lain there for who knows how long, while a succession of men entered the toilets and urinated on him.

What strange, secret desire led this man to engage in such grotesque perversion can only be guessed at. 'Submissive' behaviour in sexual play is relatively commonplace, and urine can be part of that fetish (the so-called 'watersports'). In addition, of course, voyeurism is hardly unknown and toilets are one place where it is possible for the determined individual to glimpse the sexual organs of strangers.

Was this man's strange impulse some perverse combination of the two? Or was he driven to it by an extreme form of play-acting with an unidentified partner? In all likelihood we will never know. So sodden was the 'dungeon' that police forensics were unable to lift fingerprints and unless he had committed a previous criminal offence they would have been no use in identifying him in any case.

The full story - including photographs and eyewitness accounts can be found at, and if your stomach is strong enough, we recommend reading the tale in full.
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