Dateline: 12th January 2012

Woman With Two Vaginas: TV Interview

Hazel Jones has appeared on This Morning today to talk about her experience of uterus didelphys. This rare condition occurs when the vagina fails to develop normally in the womb, resulting in paired uterii and vaginas, each connected to a single fallopian tube and ovary on its respective side. Externally, this presents as a septum of flesh that isn't immediately apparent until the vulva is opened, where two holes are visible instead of the usual one.

Jones, 27, is no stranger to talking about her condition, having appeared on Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies and being interviewed in somewhat franker detail by Bizarre Magazine, where she revealed among other things that her ovaries take it in turns to have a period and that sex has been problematic, but solved with a little experimentation.

"The flesh between my vaginas used to tear painfully during sex, but I donít have that problem anymore as Iíve learned nookie techniques that suit my body and, most importantly, Iím more relaxed and horny with my man.Ē

A career in porn really should be hers. Personally, I'd pay up to £7.50 to see "Meat and two Vag." The relatively SFW saucy photoshoot is certainly promising.

I'll get mi coat...
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