Dateline: 30th July 2013

Mull of Kintyre Chinook crash - new inquest announced

The 1994 crash of a Chinook helicopter on the Mull of Kintyre was the worst peacetime accident in the RAF's history. Coming as it did at the height of speculation and conspiracy theories about the goings on at nearby RAF Macrihanish, the case created a ripple of interest amongst people who believed that the crash was caused by the helicopter coming into close contact with an exotic test aircraft flown by the USAF. No proof for this was ever forthcoming, but successive inquests have failed to truly determine the cause of the accident. The RAF official report continues to place the blame on the pilots' "gross negligence" - a finding which has enraged relatives for nearly 20 years, given that evidence has mounted to show systemic failures with the Chinook fleet at the time.

Now, finally, a fresh inquest has been ordered to determine the real cause of the crash - the latest in a string of inquiries into events of recent history that have been mired in controversy by contemporary official reports (Savile, Hillsborough etc).

Of continuing note to students of conspiracy is the nature of many of those who died - top intelligence officials from MI5 and the British Army, many of who were closely involved in the clandestine war with the provisional IRA in Northern Ireland.
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