Dateline: 6th June 2013

NSA Verizon Agreement Revealed

Documents obtained by the Guardian  newspaper show that the NSA - the shadowy agency who run RAF Menwith Hill in Yorkshire - have been routinely receiving details of all phone calls made by customers of Verizon (one of the USA's largest phone providers). The document is a court order, apparently renewing an agreement dating back to 2006.

Since the attacks on American soil by Al Qaeda in 2011, there has been a massive increase in intelligence activity both formal and informal. The Patriot Act gave US agencies sweeping new powers of surveillance, but it is also thought that unofficial activities have increased under the radar. The court order would appear to confirm those fears, as it gives the NSA unprecedented access to routine phone data that in earlier times would have required specific authorisation in individual cases.

As the document covers overseas communication, it is hard not to suspect that Menwith Hill will be involved in receiving and processing that data, as part of the bases remit is to monitor foreign communications.
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