Jill Dando Murder
26th April 1999

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Jill Dando Murder

Jill Dando Murder


Jill Dando was the charming and beautiful host of the BBC's popular Crimewatch television show. To the astonishment of a nation, she was shot dead on her own doorstep at around 11:32am. She was killed by a single gunshot to the head. Her murderer has never been caught, nor a motive ascertained. As the presenter of a program dedicated to the solving of crimes, it is thought that she may have been killed by a member of one of the criminal elements she worked to expose.

More recently, conspiracists have suggested that she was murdered by British secret services who feared that she was closing to blowing open the existence of the Westminster paedophile ring. No hard evidence has come to light to give credence to this belief, but it continues to be alleged among various internet communities.

Local man Barry George was initially convicted of her murder, but was later found to be innocent by a retrial after the original conviction was judged to have been unsafe. Conspiracists hold that George was a 'patsy' who was set up by security forces to take the blame for Dando's murder to direct the police's attention away from them.

Was Jill Dando a Conspiracy Victim?

The claims that Dando was the victim of a cover-up were given wider currency by the publication in the national press of claims in July 2014 made by an ex-employee of the BBC.  The anonymous source claimed to have been a colleague of Dando's 

"I don’t recall the names of all the stars now and don’t really want to implicate anyone but Jill said they were surprisingly big names. I think she was quite shocked when told about images of children and that information on how to join this horrible paedophile ring was freely available. Jill said others had complained to her about sexual matters and that some fellow female workmates also claimed they had been groped or assaulted.

Nothing had been done and there seemed to be a policy of turning a blind eye. She compiled a file of complaints but she was not really an investigative journalist, just a presenter. She passed the information to someone else and they gave it back. No one wanted to know. I do remember that she gave a file to senior management. I don’t think she heard any more"

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BBC Nine O'Clock News

Peter Sissons announced the death of Jill Dando on BBC news in 1999

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