Damian Chlywka: The Body in the Well, Warlingham
15th November 2013

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Damian Chlywka: The Body in the Well, Warlingham

Damian Chlywka


On 15th of November 2013, two teenagers had their lives irrevocably altered when they were asked to help clear a garden in Warlingham, South London. Jack Duncan and Rory Mulholland lifted a slab covering a well at the bottom of the garden and were stunned by what they found. Mulholland described the scene to the press:

"At first I thought the well was at ground level, I thought it was ornamental - I didn't think there was a drop in it. When we pulled up the slab we realised that there was a big drop and we saw a blue tarpaulin. At first we thought it was rubbish dumped, so we had a good look around and started moving it, and we slowly came to realise that it was in the shape of a body. It had legs."

Police divers took several hours to recover the body from its position in the water at the bottom of the well. By Monday the 18th, it was established that the body was that of a white male who had suffered injuries consistent with a sustained assault and that the case was thus being treated as a murder. The body had also been tied up prior to being dumped and was estimated to have been in the well for up to 2 years.

7 men were initially arrested in connection with the discovery.

The Victim

In November 2013, the identity of the body was revealed as that of Damian Chlywka - a Polish national who had previously lived at the address on Audley Road where his body was found. 

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Body in well murder detective speaks to reporters on SkyNews

Body-in-well murder detective speaks to reporters on SkyNews Police are investigating after the body of an adult male was found down a well in Warlingham, Surrey

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