Was Gareth Williams Poisoned?
26th June 2014

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According to a report carried by The Independent, a retired "top detective" - Colin Sutton - has speculated that Williams could have been poisoned. He was the senior officer on the scene when police first entered Williams' flat and so his word should carry more weight than flights of fancy bandied around in other places.

His suggestion, however, runs counter to the official line of investigation being pursued by the police; that Williams died in a sex game gone wrong. However, it does fit the coroner's finding of criminal mediation in his death.

Speaking to The Sun, Sutton claimed:

"If he had been poisoned, then the chemical compounds might have vanished by the time toxicology results were conducted. If the motive for Gareth’s death was around his job then poison become much more likely."

The former detective also speculated that the suggestion that Williams' flat was "hot" when entered by police could account for a lack of toxicology results, the heat having sped up the decomposition process.

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