Zygmund Adamski
6th June 1980

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Polish WWII veteran Zygmund Adamski left his home in a quiet street in Tingley in 1980 to buy some potatoes. The following day he was supposed to be attending a family wedding but he was next seen five days later... dead. For many years a plethora of circumstances regarding his death has led many people to believe that it was connected to UFOs.

His body was discovered in a coal yard next to a railway line in Todmorden -some 30 miles from his home - on the afternoon of the 11th by Trevor Parker, the son of the owner. The yard had been used at 11am so the timeframe for the body to appear there was quite narrow. The attending police officer was PC Alan Godfrey, who would himself become the focus of continuing attention when he reported his own 'close encounter' in November of that same year.

At the inquest, his death was found to have been caused not by any alien encounter - but by a common-or-garden heart attack. There were several strange circumstances regarding the body. Firstly, he had been fed well and shaved in the days since his disappearance. Secondly there were apparent burns on his neck and shoulders, covered in a strange substance like a kind of gel. This gel could not be identified by the Home Office lab - a fact which has led many over-excitable people to proclaim it to have been alien in origin. His body was dressed, but untidily.

The combination of circumstances moved Coroner Bull to declare the case "the strangest I have ever been involved with."

It wasn't until 2005 that a fuller explanation began to emerge following an independent investigation by BUFORA. Interviewing his surviving relatives, it became apparent that his family background was nothing like as straightforward as portrayed. There were intimations of a bitter family feud. One member of the family moved out of Zigmund's house shortly before his death and a restraining order was issued against him by another family member through the courts.

BUFORA suggested, persuasively, that the complex feud coupled with the wedding had led a family member to kidnap Adamski and hold him in a shed. During his incarceration, he suffered a heart attack and his body dumped as far away as possible to divert the justice system.

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