Councillor Simon Parkes - Alien Abductee

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Simon Parkes has been a Labour member of Whitby town council since February 2012. Perhaps uniquely amongst the functionaries who oversee town centre parking schemes and local business rates around the country, Councillor Parkes openly claims to be in regular touch with an alien race who he considers to be his real family.

It was shortly after his election that he announced his secret to an unsuspecting press, apparently surprising some of his more earthbound colleagues - fellow councillor Terry Jennison had only this to say when the news was broken to him: "I am completely in the dark about this."

Parkes - who is happily married with 3 children makes no secret of his experiences and says it has no effect on his working life.

"For many people who donít experience it, itís very hard to accept. We are taught to only see and believe what we can touch, but itís acceptable to believe in religion. Itís a personal matter and it doesnít affect my work. Iím more interested in fixing someoneís leaking roof or potholes. People donít want me to talk about aliens. I get more common sense out of the aliens than out of Scarborough Town Hall. The aliens are far more aware of stuff. People in the Town Hall seem not to be aware of the needs of Whitby."

While interdimensional meddling in the affairs of small towns may seem unlikely to some, students of the weird may recall the career of Billy Buchanan - erstwhile mayor of Bonnybridge, who attempted to twin his town with Roswell, New Mexico following a spate of alleged UFO activity in the town in the 1990s. More topically, Cllr. Parkes has direct experience with the so-called 'greys' - who some believe are the sinister controlling force between political developments and the elites who attend conferences such as the Bilderberg Group.

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