Claudia Lawrence
18th March 2009

Where is this pretty, 35 year old chef - who vanished without trace in 2009?

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Claudia Lawrence

Claudia Lawrence


35 year old Claudia Lawrence was a chef at York University. On the afternoon of the 18th March 2009, she was seen near her home on Melrosegate, but then vanished. Police assume that she was abducted and murdered, but as yet there is no proof to support this thesis conclusively.

The publicly known clues to her last movements are a series of scattered sightings on the day she disappeared and the final text messages sent from her phone. None of these serve to indicate any abnormalities in her life at the time.

February 2015 Update

Police are currently conducting a finger-tip search at the rear of Claudia's house in response to specific information they have recently received during their investigation. Detective Superintendent Malyn, the lead detective on the case told reporters of that police had spoken to had "lied" to them, and hinted at further arrests connected with the case.

"My team and myself are determined if anyone is lying to us, with the right legal reasons considered, we will be arresting people who continue to lie. I am convinced people have information they are sat on or they have lied to us previously. I am interested in this alleyway and whether it was significant in Claudia's disappearance.

We are looking at it with fresh eyes and I do feel from judgement and experience it is worth revisiting these scenes.

We still don't know if Claudia left for work... or whether something happened overnight within her house.

If the latter is the case, the person or persons responsible, in my view, would have used the rear alleyway as the front door leads onto a busy main road. This is why this specific piece of information needs to be fully investigated."

March 2015 Update

North Yorkshire police investigating Miss Lawrence's disappearance announced the arrest of a man from York in his fifties on suspicion of murder. In 2014 a local man aged 59 was arrested also on suspicion, but released from bail some time later. Another man - aged 47 - remains on bail on suspicion of perverting the course of justice. Calling the development "very important", lead detective Dai Malyn told reporters:

"we strongly advise the media and members of the public against identifying the man who has been arrested. I urge everyone to show restraint and patience while we carry out these very important inquiries"

April 2015 Update

North Yorkshire police have announced that three men - all in their 50s and living in the York area - have been arrested on suspicion of murder.

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