Renee MacRae
12nd November 1976

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Renee MacRae - a 36 year old mother of two - disappeared along with her youngest son Andrew (aged 3) near Inverness in 1976. She dropped her eldest son at her estranged husband Gordon's house and then set off to visit her sister in Perth. She never arrived. Her BMW car was discovered aflame in a remote layby some hours later that night, but no trace of either her or her son has ever been found.

Investigations into her personal life uncovered a long standing affair with local man Bill McDowell - who, it was revealed, was also Andrew's biological father. However, nothing has ever been uncovered to directly implicate either him or anyone else in what police assume was the murder of Renee Macrae. McDowell has only rarely spoken about the case in public and then solely to deny any involvement.

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