Suzy Lamplugh
28th July 1986

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Suzy Lamplugh - a pretty 25 year old estate agent left her London office to meet a prospective client in July 1986 and was never seen again. The only clue to her disappearance was a note left in her office about the appointment:

"12.45 Mr. Kipper 37 Shorrolds Road O/S"

For almost 30 years, the identity of "Mr Kipper" has been one of the most enduring mysteries in British criminal history - with a dozen candidates advanced over the years; none conclusively. All that is certain is that Suzy Lamplugh was never seen again after that day. In 1994, she was declared missing presumed dead by a court, and it is widely assumed that she was murdered around the time of her disappearance.

Although her body has never been recovered, it is now believed that she was a victim of John Cannan - currently serving three life sentences with a recommendation that he never be released for the murder of Shirley Banks, and a string of rapes and assaults. He has reportedly confessed to cellmates and hinted to authorities that he is indeed responsible, but the police remain unable to charge him due to lack of evidence. Despite this, they took the highly unusual step of publicly naming him as her murderer in 2002, and again in 2006 when giving evidence against his application for parole.

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