South View Hungerford
19th August 1987

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Number 4 on this quiet, secluded street, overlooking a junior school playground was home to Michael Ryan's mother - widowed since 1985. Following his attack on Froxfield Petrol Station, Ryan went here to get prepared for the next stage of his massacre.

Muffled shots were heard as he killed the family labrador, before he exited the house wearing a headband and sleeveless jacket - an outfit which some would liken to the popular 'Rambo' character played by Sylvester Stallone. Leaving the house, he spotted the next door neighbours in their garden. Roland and Sheila Mason quickly became his next target - Roland dying from 6 gunshots to the head and his wife with a single bullet.

Another neighbour - Marjorie Jackson - peered through her window to see what was happening. Ryan shot her, but although she was wounded she was able to call her husband for help. Another resident of the street 77 year old Dorothy Smith called out to Ryan, oblivious to the nature of what was going on due to her being deaf in one ear: "Is that you making that noise? You are frightening everybody to death. Stop it, you stupid bugger!"

For whatever weird, internal reason was operating in his mind, Ryan favoured her with a weird smile and left her without harm.

Lisa Mildenhall - just 14 years old - was less lucky. Ryan smiled as he peppered her with 4 shots as she cowered outside her front door. Luckily, she survived and was able to get inside where her mother called an ambulance.

Making his way along the footpath from South View to the common, Ryan encountered 51 year old Kenneth Clements walking his dog with his family. Clements raised his hands in a gesture of surrender as his family clambered over a wall in panic. Ryan coolly raised his gun and killed him where he stood before turning back towards South View.

As he came back onto the street, he encountered PC Roger Brereton - the first policeman to arrive following reports of the rampage. Ryan fired 23 times at Brereton's car - hitting the policeman 4 times, killing him as the car crashed into a lamppost. Immediately afterwards, Linda Chapman turned, oblivious into the street with her teenager daughter in the car. Ryan turned his fire on her car and unleashed a volley of 11 shots.

Chapman was hit in the leg and the back as she somehow found presence of mind to reverse her car. Miraculously she managed to drive to a doctors, where she crashed her car into a tree outside. Later, doctors decided to leave the bullet in her back, as the risk of causing paralysis in any operation to remove it was deemed too great.

As Chapman managed to get away, a white Toyota driven by George White with passenger Ivor Jackson turned into the street. Ryan opened fire again - killing White and wounding Jackson. The car careened into the back of PC Brereton's car and Ryan moved on to Fairview Road to continue his spree.

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