6 Garden Lane, Heaton
26th September 1977

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6 Garden Lane, Heaton

6 Garden Lane, Heaton

Peter Sutcliffe's home during the latter half of his murder spree, which he shared with wife, Sonia. They moved in on September 26th, 1977. Perhaps surprisingly, she still lives alone in the property which she shared for so long with one of Britain's most notorious serial predators. In 2010, it was revealed that should she sell the house, the Legal Aid Trust would attempt to seize Peter Sutcliffe's share of the profits, effectively trapping her in the property.

Sutcliffe was interviewed here - often in Sonia's presence - several times during the police investigation. Whilst most of the interviewing officers were operating in ignorance, sometimes even believing they were the first to actually see Sutcliffe, Detective Laptew found many aspects of the house unnerving. In the report in which he strongly urged greater attention to be given to Sutcliffe, he specifically noted that the house seemed almost pathologically clean.

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