Elizabeth Stride

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  • 27th November 1843
    Born as Elizabeth Gustafsdotter near Gothenburg in Sweden
  • 1866
    Moves to London
  • 7th March 1869
    Marries John Thomas Stride
    The couple keep a coffee house in Poplar
  • March 1877
    Admitted to Poplar workhouse
  • 29th September 1888 - 18:00
    Has a drink with friend Elizabeth Tanner
    Following their drink at the Queen's Head, the pair head back to their lodgings.
  • 29th September 1888 - 19:30
    Leaves lodging house
    Charles Preston and Catherine Lane see her leaving the lodging house. Shortly afterwards, she passes by the lodging house watchman Thomas Bates, looking cheerful. Catherine Lane will later state that "I know the deceased had 6d when she left, she showed it to me, stating that the deputy had given it to her."
  • 29th September 1888 - 23:00
    Seen leaving the Bricklayer's Arms
    Two workmen see Stride leaving the Bricklayer's Arms on Settle Street. He is described as a short man with a dark mustache and sandy eyelashes and was wearing a billycock hat, morning suit and coat. The pair are kissing and hugging in the doorway and refuse to come in for a drink, despite the rain.
  • 29th September 1888 - 23:45
    Seen on Berner Street
    William Marshall is standing in the doorway of 64 Berner Street (now Henriques Street). He notices Stride talking to a man in a short black cutaway coat and sailor's hat outside number 63. They are kissing and carrying on. He hears the man say "You would say anything but your prayers."
  • 30th September 1888
    PC Smith sees Stride
    Smith describes a young man with Stride on Berner Street opposite the International Working Men's Educational Club. He is around 28 wearing a dark coat and hard deerstalker hat and carrying a parcel wrapped in newspaper approximately 6 inches high and 18 inches in length.
  • 30th September 1888
    Israel Schwartz sees Stride being attacked
    Schwarz sees saw a man stop and speak to a woman standing in a gateway. The man throws her down on the path, making her scream - albeit not very loudly. A frightened Schwarz crosses to the opposite side of the street and sees another man lighting a pipe. The assailant shouts "Lipski" - apparently in the direction of this second man. Schwartz intially walks away but finds that the man follows him. Scared, he runs to a railway bridge and finds that he has not been followed that far.
  • 30th September 1888 - 01:00
    Body found
    Jewellery salesman Louis Diemschutz enters Dutfield's Yard just off Berner Street in his pony and cart. The pony shies and refuses to go in, making Diemschutz suspect something was in the way. The yard is too dark to see, and Diemschutz uses his whip to probe around on the floor. He finds a body, which he assumes is a drunkard. He enters the adjacent International Working Men's Educational Club but on returning to the yard he and his two companions discover that the woman is dead - her throat slashed.

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