Emily Jackson
20th January 1976

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Emily Jackson

Emily Jackson

Poor Emily. When, after her murder, it was disclosed that she had been working as a prostitute it stunned those who knew her as a quiet, respectable, 42 year old housewife. But financial pressures were piling up at home and so she took the fateful decision to mix her pleasure - almost nightly visits to pubs and clubs - with "business".

Husband Sydney would drive her from pub to pub, where she would pick up clients. A typical and favoured haunt was the Gaiety pub on Roundhay Road, Harehills. This huge and notorious pub was a landmark for many years until its demolition in the last decade or so to make way for a Blairish "community and faith centre". Back in the winter of 1976 it was one of the most successful spots for the Jackson's nightly trips.

Indeed, it was shortly after leaving this pub that Emily met Sutcliffe by unhappy chance. Offering him "busines"s for 5, she found herself driven to an area of waste ground, away from the street lights. Sutcliffe seemed to have trouble with his car and asked for her help. In those final moments, she held her lighter up to enable him to see under the bonnet.

And then, with characteristic brutality, Sutcliffe struck, killing her with a single blow from his hammer. Dragging her body into a yard, he then proceeded to stab her corpse a total of 52 times in a 'frenzy', as he later described it. The finishing touch of his brutality was to drive a piece of wood between her legs.

Her husband left the Gaiety some time later and saw the van. Assuming that his wife was with a client, he elected to take a taxi home, unaware that she was already dead by the Ripper's hand.

The police investigation quickly made a link between this murder and that of Wilma McCann, but Sutcliffe had barely begun the rein of terror that would leave a trail of bodies in his wake across the North over the next 6 years.

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