Fairview Road
19th August 1987

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Leaving his South View, Ryan turned onto Fairview Road. Abdul Rahman Kahn was mowing his lawn, oblivious to Ryan's approach as the murderer turned his gun on him and killed him where he stood. His next door neighbour Alan Lepetit - who had helped Ryan build a cabinet for his collection of guns - was next in the firing line, but survived his wounds.

With the town now on full alert, curious crowds had gathered and an ambulance drove onto Fairview Road in answer to reports of the shooting. Ryan loosed off a round through the window of the ambulance, wounding the driver Hazel Haslett, who managed to speed away out of range of any further shots.

At this point, Ryan's mother Dorothy turned into the street to discover her house on fire and her armed son walking along the road with a trail of bodies behind him. She noticed the body of her friend Ivor Jackson still in his Toyota where Ryan had shot him. She opened the door to the car and then turned to her son, attempting to reason with him. Witnesses reported that she raised her hands and pleaded with him not to shoot. Disregarding his own mother's please, Ryan shot her to death where she stood.

Another neighbour - Betty Tolladay - stepped out of her door, oblivious to the nature of what was happening, to remonstrate with Ryan for the amount of noise. He fired a shot at her but succeeded in merely wounding her.

Still outwardly calm, Ryan walked along Fairview Road towards Hungerford Common.

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