Francis Tumblety

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  • 1833
    According to the US census of 1850, Tumblety was born in Ireland and emigrated to the USA with his family shortly afterwards
  • 5th May 1865
    Arrested in St. Louis
    Tumblety arrested in connection with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. While he knew one of the accused, there was nothing to the charge and he was released on May 30th.
  • 7th November 1888
    Arrested in London
    Arrested for 'gross indency' - assumed to mean homosexual activity. Ripper authors Gainey and Evans suggest this was a cover story for the real reason for his arrest: suspicion of his complicity in the Ripper crimes
  • 20th November 1888
    Flees London
    Using a false name - Frank Townsend - Tumblety skips bail and travels to France
  • 24th November 1888
    Leaves Europe to travel back to the USA
  • 28th May 1903
    Tumblety died of heart disease and was buried in the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Rochester, New York

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