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  • 29th September 1941
    Fred West born
    Born in Bickerton Cottage, Much Marcle - the second of six children
  • 29th November 1953
    Rosemary Letts born
    Born in Barnstaple, Rose's mother was administered ECT while pregnant. Some speculate that this affected Rose's later development.
  • November 1958
    Fred's motorcycle accident
    Fred is injured in a motorcycle accident. In a coma for seven days, he is said to be prone to violent outbursts after his recovery
  • April 1961
    First court appearance
    Along with his friend Brian Hill, Fred is pleads guilty to stealing a gold watch strap and two cigarette cases. They are both fined £4, plus costs.
  • June 1961
    Fred arrested on suspicion of child molestation
    Fred is arrested after a 13 year old local girl is discovered to be pregnant by her GP. It becomes clear that Fred has had sex with her on several occasions. Fred treats the charges with a degree of contempt, evidently believing that such behaviour was something that everyone did. Under questioning by police and social services, it becomes apparent that he has been molesting girls since at least his early teens.
  • 9th November 1961
    First trial for sexual abuse
    Fred appears at Herefordshire Assizes, charged sexual molestation of a 13 year old girl. The West's family GP argues that Fred is suffering from possible brain damage following his motorcycle accident. The case collapses when the girl refuses to give evidence and Fred walks free.
  • 4th November 1965
    Fred kills a boy
    While driving an ice cream van, Fred runs over a four year old boy, killing him instantly.
  • 1st August 1967 Ann McFall
    Ann McFall
    During Fred's first marriage to Rena Costello, he got Ann McFall pregnant during a typically tempestuous time during his marriage, when Rena had fled for some months back to Scotland. She returned to find McFall living with Fred, pregnant with his child and seemingly attempting to get Fred to divorc...
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  • 29th November 1968
    Fred and Rosemary Letts meet
    Fred and Rose meet on Rose's 15th birthday
  • 29th November 1969
    Fred and Rose begin cohabiting
    Despite being just 16 and Fred still being married, Rosemary Letts moves in Fred at Midlands Road, Gloucester
  • 17th October 1970
    Birth of Heather Ann West
    The first of the West's children
  • 1st June 1971 Charmaine West
    Charmaine West
    Fred's step-daughter from his first marriage, believed to have been killed by Rose West while Fred was in prison.When Fred West met Rose in 1969 he was looking after Charmaine and Anna Marie - Fred's biological daughter from his earlier relationship with Rena.Fred West was arrested in November 1970 ...
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  • 9th August 1971 Rena West
    Rena West
    Fred's first wife Catherine 'Rena' West - née Costello - was born in the grimy Glasgow of the 1950s and lived a life typical of the time and place. Hard living and partying went hand-in-hand but those who recall her speak of an 'exceptionally nice' teenager.However, her life developed into a complex...
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  • 29th January 1972
    Fred and Rose West are married
  • 29th January 1972
    Fred and Rose marry
    The couple make their vows at Gloucester Registry office
  • 1st June 1972
    The West's second child, Mae, is born
  • January 1973
    Convicted of indecent assault
    Both Fred and Rose are convicted of the sexual assault of their nanny Caroline Roberts - who escapes to tell the police. The couple are issued with fines.
  • 27th December 1973 Lucy Partington
    Lucy Partington
    While some of the West's victims were drawn to their death by their immediate involvement in the family's life, others were simply taken at random from the street. The exact circumstances of Lucy Partington's death will now never be known, but the bare facts are that she left her mother's house to v...
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  • 24th February 1994
    Cromwell Street search begins
    Granted a warrant to investigate the Wests for the disappearance of their daughter, Heather, police are granted a search warrant and begin to excavate the West's garden
  • 4th March 1994
    Fred confesses
    Under questioning, Fred confesses to murdering 9 women
  • 1st January 1995
    Fred West commits suicide
    While incarcerated at Winson Green prison, Fred West hanged himself in his cell
  • November 1995
    Rose West found guilty of 10 murders and imprisoned for life

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