Froxfield Petrol Station
19th August 1987

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Dean's of Froxfield was a well-established local independent petrol station. Having claimed his first victims in Savernake Forest, it was here that Michael Ryan drove to fill up his Astra GTE.

Kakoub Dean was behind the counter that day and watched him fill his car. She recognised him as a relatively regular if somewhat taciturn customer. Not only did he fill his car, but also a five litre can that aroused some curiousity in Mrs. Dean. While Mrs. Dean served another customer, Ryan brought out a semi-automative rifle from his boot.

Mrs. Dean looked out to see him in a shooting position, aiming the rifle directly into the shop and in her direction. Instinctively ducking, she evaded Ryan's shot, which broke the safety glass and ricocheted around the shop. Clearly intent on killing her, Ryan ran into the shop and aimed his rifle at point blank range. Heedless to her cries for mercy, he pulled the trigger three times. By some miracle the rifle jammed and he left the shop, got in his car and continued to drive towards Hungerford.

A customer on a motorbike at the petrol station at the same time had already alerted the police to what he assumed was an armed robbery, and the police headed to the petrol station while Ryan continued on to his next target.

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