Gwynneth Rees
8th November 1963

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Gwynneth Rees left her home in Barry, Glamorgan Wales in 1957, seeking a better life for herself in London - only to meet a tragic death at the hands of the unidentified serial killer known as "Jack the Stripper."

The troubled teenager moved in with her older sister in Canvey but would found life no easier in the capital. Pregnant within a year, the family claimed that the child was her sister's to avoid scandal. Two years later, she gave birth to another child who was given out for adoption.

While she found work in a shoe factory and a clothing factory, she ultimately resorted to prostitution to support herself.

The events surrounding her death remain unclear because unlike other murders committed by the Stripper her body was not found until an estimated 5 weeks after her death. Her remains were disposed of in a council rubbish tip just 40 yards from the canal towpath, and were only uncovered when workers levelling the tip noticed her legs dangling from the shovel of the digger.

Her body had been decapitated by the shovel, and was naked save for a single stocking rolled down to her ankle. A team of officers carried out a meticulous examination of the scene, but found no further clues of forensic value.

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