John Kilbride
23rd November 1963

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John Kilbride

John Kilbride

Hindley and Brady were well aware of the psychology of children - as they would prove time and again in the techniques they adopted to pick up victims. Then, as now, kids were often warned not to go away with "strange men." And so it fell to Hindley, a woman, to carry out the first stage of their action.

12 year old John Kilbride was only too willing to help Hindley carry some boxes to her car at a market in Ashton-under-Lyne. And it seemed natural that, as it was getting dark, she should offer him a lift home afterwards. But first, the story of a 'lost glove' on the moors that had been so effective a lure for Pauline Reade was used. Again, a child found themselves being driven to the moor on this fantasy pretext.

In the back of the car was Brady.

Reaching the moor, Hindley waited in the car while Brady led John to a secluded spot. There, he pounced. He beat and spanked the terrified boy before raping him. His underpants, when his body was found, were full of blood. Using a serrated knife, Brady tried to kill John by slashing his throat, but failed in his attempt - finally extinguishing the boy's misery by strangulation with a piece of string.

His remains joined those of Pauline Reade beneath the cold black soil of the moors.

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