Keith Bennett
16th June 1964

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Keith Bennett

Keith Bennett

Keith Bennett - just 12 years old - was walking to his grandmother's house when Brady and Hindley lured him to his death. Again taking advantage of the natural trust and helpfulness common to most children, Hindley persuaded him that she needed his help to load some boxes into her car, in return for which she would give him a lift.

In fact, Brady was waiting in the rear seat. Following their now-familiar pattern, the two drove Keith to a spot on Saddleworth Moor where he was taken by Brady to look for a "lost glove". Instead, Brady strangled Keith to death with a piece of string or twine following a sexual assault.

Keith's body was, like those of the other victims, buried somewhere on the lonely moors but has never been recovered. For many years his mother Winnie corresponded with Brady in person to attempt to get him to reveal the whereabouts of the body. Brady failed to locate the body - although many searches have been undertaken on the moors using photographs taken by the couple as a kind of visual guide.

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Keith Bennett: location




2009 search called off

In 2009, the final search (to date) for Keith Bennett's body was called off by Manchester police.

Winnie Johnson's funeral

Sadly outlived by Brady, Winnie Johnson died in 2012 - having never found Keith's body

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