Lucy Partington
27th December 1973

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Lucy Partington

Lucy Partington

While some of the West's victims were drawn to their death by their immediate involvement in the family's life, others were simply taken at random from the street. The exact circumstances of Lucy Partington's death will now never be known, but the bare facts are that she left her mother's house to visit a disabled friend on 27th December 1973. After her visit, she went to catch a bus home and wasn't seen again until her remains were disinterred from the basement of 25 Cromwell Street.

Her body was the sixth found during the search in Cromwell street in 1994, and was discovered with two pieces of woven cord-type material knotted together below the jaw.

Fred was forced to attend hospital on the 3rd January 1974 for a cut to his hand. It is believed that this cut was sustained while dismembering Lucy's body. The implication is that the Wests kept Lucy alive for up to a week, sexually assaulting and torturing her until finally murdering her.

Lucy's younger sister has written movingly of her journey from rage to forgiveness and has written to Rose West in prison. 

"My own experience, shortly after making this vow to try and forgive the Wests, was to experience my own murderous rage. In that moment I knew I was capable of killing too and it wasn't something I had really faced before. Somehow it's easier to scapegoat others who have acted from this place than to face an aspect of being human that we all share and, somehow, in that moment I couldn't remain separate"

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