Mary Ann Cotton

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  • October 1832
    Born Mary Ann Robson at Low Moorsley
  • 1840
    Moves to Murton
    Like many families of the era, the Robsons move to find work. Mary Ann finds it difficult to settle at her new school and make friends. Shortly after the move, her father falls to his death down a mineshaft.
  • 1843
    Mother remarries
    Mary Ann's widowed mother marries George Stott. She doesn't get along with her new stepfather.
  • 1849
    Leaves home
    Sixteen year old Mary Ann leaves the family home and seeks work as a nurse at Edward Potter's home in South Hetton - a position she keeps for 3 years.
  • 1852
    Marries William Mowbray
    The pair marry in Newcastle, but move to Plymouth. Mary gives birth to five children - five of whom die of gastric fever.
  • 24th March 1873
    Hanged at Durham Jail
    Convicted of murder, Cotton swings from the gallows at Durham.

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