Michael Ryan and The Hungerford Massacre

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  • 18th May 1960
    Savernake Hospital
    Birthplace of Michael Ryan, who would commit England's largest killing spree in Hungerford in 1987...
    Savernake Hospital: in depth
  • 18th May 1960
  • 1978
    Ryan acquires a shotgun certificate
  • 30th June 1986
    License granted for semi automatic weapons
    Ryan acquired an M1 carbine, an AK-47 copy known as a Type 56 and a Beretta 92FS semi automatic pistols
  • 11th December 1986
    Firearms license
    Ryan acquired a license to own two pistols
  • 30th July 1987
    Approved for semi-automatic license
    Following the acquisition of his semi-automative firearms license, Ryan completes buying his arsenal. At the time of the massacre he legally possesses the following weapons.

    1. Zabala shotgun
    2. Browning shotgun
    3. Beretta 92FS semi-automatic 9 mm pistol Used during massacre
    4. CZ ORSO semi-automatic .32-caliber pistol
    5. Bernardelli .22-caliber pistol
    6. Type 56 Chinese copy Kalashnikov AK-47 Used during massacre
    7. M1 Carbine .30 semi-automatic rifle Used during massacre
  • 19th August 1987
    South View Hungerford
    Number 4 on this quiet, secluded street, overlooking a junior school playground was home to Michael Ryan's mother - widowed since 1985. Following his attack on Froxfield Petrol Station, Ryan went here to get prepared for the next stage of his massacre.Muffled shots were heard as he killed the family...
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  • 19th August 1987
    John O Gaunt Community Technical College
    The scene of Michael Ryan's final stand-off with police and eventual suicide following his rampage through Hungerford in 1987 which left 13 people dead....
    John O Gaunt Community Technical College: in depth
  • 19th August 1987
    Froxfield Petrol Station
    Dean's of Froxfield was a well-established local independent petrol station. Having claimed his first victims in Savernake Forest, it was here that Michael Ryan drove to fill up his Astra GTE.Kakoub Dean was behind the counter that day and watched him fill his car. She recognised him as a relatively...
    Froxfield Petrol Station: in depth
  • 19th August 1987
    Savernake Forest
    The first shooting in the Hungerford Massacre took place in Savernake Forest seven miles to the west of Hungerford itself. Susan Godfrey, 35, was picnicking in the woods with her 2 children. At around 12:30 in the afternoon, Michael Ryan approached Godfrey and her children at gunpoint, forced Susan ...
    Savernake Forest: in depth
  • 19th August 1987 - 10:45
    South View Hungerford: Ryan arrives at his home
    Ryan collected his weapons, failed to start his car, shot the family dog and then set fire to his house before starting to shoot neighbours and passers by.
  • 19th August 1987 - 12:30
    Savernake Forest: First killing
    Ryan's massacre began with the shooting of a mother picnicking with her children in Savernake Forest
  • 19th August 1987 - 12:45
    Arrives home
    Ryan is seen arriving at his home at South View. He loads his car with weapons and tries to drive away. His car fails to start. Agitated, he moves between the car and the house several times - shooting to family dog before dousing the house in petrol and setting fire to it.
  • 19th August 1987 - 18:52
    John O Gaunt Community Technical College: Ryan commits suicide
    Barricaded in his old classroom at John O' Gaunt school, Ryan shoots himself after a long, tense discussion with the police

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