Savernake Forest
19th August 1987

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The first shooting in the Hungerford Massacre took place in Savernake Forest seven miles to the west of Hungerford itself. Susan Godfrey, 35, was picnicking in the woods with her 2 children. At around 12:30 in the afternoon, Michael Ryan approached Godfrey and her children at gunpoint, forced Susan to place the children in her car, then marched the woman into bushes at gunpoint and shot her thirteen times in the back. Police were alerted to the scene after Godfrey's two children approached a lone pensioner, Myra Rose: Hannah told Mrs. Rose a "man in black has shot our mummy." Authorities were still responding when Ryan began the rest of his massacre.

Ryan was well familiar with these woods - often he would dress in camouflage and pretend to be on army manoeuvres, sometimes sneaking up on unsuspecting picnickers to spy on them before melting back into the undergrowth.

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