Ian Brady and Myra Hindley: The Moors Murderers

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  • 2nd January 1938
    Ian Brady born in Glasgow
    Brady never knows who his father is. Unable to support herself and her children, his mother gives him up for adoption when he is 4 months old. She will continue to visit him until he is 12, but never tell him that she is his mother.
  • 23rd July 1942
    Myra Hindley born in Gorton
    First child of Hettie and Bob Hindley
  • 1947
    Hindley Starts school at Peacock Street Primary School
    The building still stands today, in use as a community centre
  • 12th July 1963 Pauline Reade
    Pauline Reade
    On the evening of 12th July 1963, Brady and Hindley went out. Not for a drink or to catch a film, but to commit murder. The plan was simple: Hindley would drive alone in the van until they found a suitable victim. Brady would follow on his motorbike and signal to Hindley when he thought he'd seen so...
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  • 12th July 1963 - 20:00
    Pauline Reade: Leaves home to go to a party
    When Pauline's friends' parents learn that alcohol will be served at a dance at the Railway Workers' Social Club they forbid their daughters to go. Pauline dresses in a pink party dress and heads off to the party alone.
  • 23rd July 1963
    Pauline Reade: The search begins
    When Pauline hasn't returned by midnight, her parents begin to become concerned and start searching for their daughter. By the morning, with no sign of her, they call the police.
  • 23rd November 1963 John Kilbride
    John Kilbride
    Hindley and Brady were well aware of the psychology of children - as they would prove time and again in the techniques they adopted to pick up victims. Then, as now, kids were often warned not to go away with "strange men." And so it fell to Hindley, a woman, to carry out the first stage of their ac...
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  • 16th June 1964 Keith Bennett
    Keith Bennett
    Keith Bennett - just 12 years old - was walking to his grandmother's house when Brady and Hindley lured him to his death. Again taking advantage of the natural trust and helpfulness common to most children, Hindley persuaded him that she needed his help to load some boxes into her car, in return for...
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  • 26th December 1964 Lesley Ann Downey
    Lesley Ann Downey
    Boxing Day. 1964. While Manchester undid its collective belt buckle to slumber in a post-Christmas haze in front of the TV, Brady and Hindley remained inhumanly immune from festivity. The pair visited a fairground and noticed 10 year old Lesley Ann Downey standing alone by a ride. Their plan was bot...
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  • 6th October 1965 Edward Evans
    Edward Evans
    After 4 'successful' murders, Ian Brady now sought to further aggrandise himself. Having Hindley under his thrall as a willing participant in murder, his ego drove him to widen his circle of influence. Over several weeks, he had several late night drinking sessions with his friend David Smith.As he ...
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  • 19th April 1966
    Moors Murders trial begins
  • 6th May 1966
    Brady and Hindley convicted of the murders of Evans, Downey and Kilbride
  • November 1985
    Brady diagnosed as a psychopath
    Following the diagnosis, he is moved to Ashworth high security hospital
  • 16th December 1986
    Hindley's first return to the moors
    Hindley was taken to the moors in an effort to locate the bodies of Keith Bennett and Pauline Reade
  • 10th February 1987
    Hindley confesses
    Hindley made a formal confession to all five murders
  • 1st July 1987
    Pauline Reade: Body found
    After a police search that has lasted over three months, Pauline Reade's body is found - just 100 yards from where Lesley Ann Downey's body had been found.
  • 3rd July 1987
    Brady visits the moors
    Brady is taken to Saddleworth Moor to try and locate Keith Bennett's grave
  • 1995
    Brady moved to Ashworth
    Brady is sectioned under the Mental Health Act and moved from the regular prison system to the secure hospital at Ashworth.

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  • 27th August 1998
    Brady turns on Hindley
    Learning that Hindley's latest bid for freedom has suggested that she was coerced into crime by Brady, he writes a furious open letter to Home Secretary Jack Straw decrying her move as duplicitous, false and manipulative.

    "Hindley, in her usual Barbara Cartland prose, has created a Victorian melodrama in which she portrays herself as being forced to murder serially, by being drugged, blackmailed, whipped, raped, battered, having her family threatened with slaughter, bitten, strangled, etc, etc.

    At first I was staggered and appalled, then, as the catalogue of feverish crimes mounted to suffocation levels, I slowly realised that desperation had finally driven her over the top into a surrealistic landscape of hyperbolic fiction in which all the concrete evidence against her was conveniently ditched and forgotten. A rag-bag of transparent lies and evidential amnesia. It appears that the neurosis bred by her own pathological recrimination machinations has developed into psychosis.

    The 33 years of duplicity, taking advantage of others to achieve her impossible aims, has apparently exacted its toll, compelling her to sacrifice all moral and intellectual credibility and integrity, driving her into the realms of psychotic delusion and absurdity.

    By use of auto-suggestion I set out to falsely convince Hindley that the police knew everything, and thus persuade her to inform against herself, as the public discrediting of my word was hampering police searches and investigations. In numerous interviews with the police, I supplied them with key words, phrases, songs, etc connected with the murders, the significance of which were known only to Myra Hindley and myself. I instructed Supt Topping simply to drop those coded references into the middle of interviews with Myra Hindley without warning and observe her reactions.

    This he did without knowing the meanings or goal. It was essential that Myra Hindley herself provide the meanings to the police; had I provided them, she would simply have denied knowledge of their significance."
  • 30th September 1999
    Brady's Hunger Strike
    Ian Brady was first moved to Ashworth in 1985. Uncharacteristically, the usually unrepentent murderer had expressed his remorse for his crimes shortly after arriving, but he soon reverted to type. After a knife was found taped to the underside of his sink he was moved by force to another ward at the...
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  • 15th November 2002
    Hindley dies
    Myra Hindley dies in prison of bronchial pneumonia resulting from heart disease
  • 20th November 2002
    Hindley cremated
    According to the press, Hindley's funeral was attended by 12 people - including former lover Nina Wilde.
  • 9th December 2011
    Brady applies to be returned to prison
    Brady argues that he is not mentally ill and wishes to return to the main prison system where he cannot be force fed and will, effectively, be allowed to die.
  • 28th June 2013
    Brady's bid to be returned to prison is rejected
    "The tribunal has concluded that Mr Ian Stewart Brady continues to suffer from a mental disorder which is of a nature and degree which makes it appropriate for him to continue to receive medical treatment, and that it is necessary for his health and safety and for the protection of other persons that he should receive such treatment in hospital, and that appropriate medical treatment is available for him."
  • 15th May 2017
    Brady Dies
    After receiving end-of-life care, Brady dies of restrictive pulmonary disease in Ashworth Hospital.The innquest into his death finds that he died of natural causes. His hunger strike had not contributed to his death.

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