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Was Guy Fawkes Irish?

Answer: No - Guy Fawkes was English

Other information: Because of Fawkes' association with Catholicism he has sometimes been referred to as an 'Irish hero.' In fact, he was born in York in 1570 to English parents - both of whom were communicants to the Church of England. In fact, his great-grandfather William Harrington served as Lord Mayor of York in 1536.

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Was Guy Fawkes Protestant?

Answer: While he died for the cause of insurrection against the anti-Catholic statutes of Jacobean England, Fawkes was baptised as a Protestant. His father died while he was still a young boy but when his mother remarried she did so to a Catholic. Further back in the family tree, his grandparents were recusants - Catholics who refused to take to attend Protestant services. So while technically he was born into Protestantism, much of his family background (particularly on the maternal side) was informed by Catholicism.

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Was Guy Fawkes real?

Answer: Yes. Very much so! He was part of a Catholic plot to assassinate the King of England and his ministers. This act was intended to aid the Catholic cause in the country by placing a Catholic on the throne in his stead.

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