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  • 13th April 1570
    Born in York
    Fawkes is born at Stonegate, the second of four children. His father Edward followed in his family's line and attend Church of England ceremonies. His paternal grandmother, however, was a recusant Catholic - and a cousin would later become a Jesuit priest.
  • 16th April 1570
    Fawkes is baptised at the church of Michael le Belfry, York.
  • October 1591
    Joins the Eighty Years War
    Selling the estate he inherited from his father, Fawkes travels to the continent to fight for the Spanish against the Dutch Republic. Although England is not engaged in a land war with Spain, a state of war still exists between the two countries - the Armada being just 3 years past.
  • 8th April 1596
    Fights at the Siege of Calais
    The Spanish capture the citadel of Calais after a short seige - a notable victory for the Catholic cause. Queen Elizabeth herself sends English mercenaries to try and defend the citadel, but it falls after a brief but bloody siege. By all accounts Fawkes fights well and bravely on the Catholics' side.
  • 1603
    Travels to Spain
    Having been recommended for captaincy for his military record, Fawkes travels to Spain to seek support for a rebellion in England. At this point he begins to refer to himself as 'Guido' - the Italianised version of 'Guy' - and issues a memorandum calling James I a 'heretic'. While he is received at court, the Spanish King Philip III declines to lend direct assistance to Fawkes' plot. Shortly afterwards, Fawkes returns to England to seek assistance from fellow Catholics among his countrymen.
  • 24th March 1603
    Elizabeth I Dies
    Elizabeth I dies at Richmond Palace in Surrey. She dies childless and thus without a direct heir, and the house of Tudor - which has ruled England since the 15th century comes to an end. James IV of Scotland, the son of Mary Stuart - her former rival claimant to the throne - becomes James I of the Union of Scotland and England. The King quickly re-imposes anti-Catholic statutes - adding fuel to the Catholic cause.

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  • 20th May 1604
    The plot begins
    Fawkes meets with a small band of five conspirators - led by Robert Catesby - whose plan is to assassinate King James and secure his daughter Elizabeth's accession to the throne. Fawkes' experience of warfare makes him an ideal conspirator and the outlines of the gunpowder plot begin to take shape. The first meeting takes place at the Duck and Drake pub on The Strand (its location now lost).
  • 5th November 1605
    The plot is discovered
    Following the anonymous hints of a plot, The King orders Sir Thomas Knyvet to search the cellars under Parliament prior to its opening. Shortly after midnight, Knyvet discovers Fawkes as he tries to leave the cellar. The barrels of gunpowder are found minutes later and the plot is foiled.
  • 31st January 1606
    Hanged, Drawn and Quartered
    Along with his fellow conspirators, Fawkes is publicly executed at the Old Palace Yard, Westminster. Despite being weakened by torture - his arms arms almost certainly broken - he manages to leap from the gallows and break his neck, thus avoiding having his heart cut out while still alive.
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    The Anonymous Movement #MillionMaskMarch
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