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  • 17th June 1973
  • February 2010
    Moat is sent to Durham Prison for assaulting a 9 year old relative.
  • 1st July 2010
    Having served an 18 week sentence, Moat is released from Durham. He is said to angry an hateful towards the police, who he blames for the collapse of his business.
  • 3rd July 2010
    The shooting of Samantha Stobbart and Chris Brown
    In the early hours of 3rd July 2010, Rauol Moat's ex-partner and her boyfriend were heading back to their house after an evening with their neighbours.While the couple had enjoyed their evening, Moat had crouched below the window, listening to the flow of conversation. As they left, Moat 'jumped up'...
    The shooting of Samantha Stobbart and Chris Brown: in depth
  • 4th July 2010
    The shooting of PC David Rathband
    Moat's obsession with visiting what he saw as 'vengeance' on the police led him to blind PC David Rathband in the small village of East Denton. Rathband was parked in his patrol car and, like all police, was actively alert to the threat posed by Moat.Moat, with his accomplices, circled the car at a ...
    The shooting of PC David Rathband: in depth
  • 10th July 2010
    Rothbury: Raoul Moat's Death
    By the time Moat was cornered by police by the banks of the river Coquet he had been on the run for some three weeks. Tired, hungry, dishevelled and in an extremely unstable state, Moat's final hours were spent surrounded by Police marksmen and negotiators, with almost the entire British Media just ...
    Rothbury: Raoul Moat's Death: in depth

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