Rothbury: Raoul Moat's Death
10th July 2010

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By the time Moat was cornered by police by the banks of the river Coquet he had been on the run for some three weeks. Tired, hungry, dishevelled and in an extremely unstable state, Moat's final hours were spent surrounded by Police marksmen and negotiators, with almost the entire British Media just beyond the cordon and helicopters overhead.

The events leading up to the final moments of his life took some time to emerge. At first it was assumed that a marksman had taken his life. Then, that a taser gun had been fired that might have caused him to involuntarily pull the trigger. Finally, at the inquest it was determined that the taser had in fact been fired after he had shot himself.

And so it was by his own hand that the complicated, conflicted existence of Rauol Moat came to an end.

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