The shooting of PC David Rathband
4th July 2010

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Moat's obsession with visiting what he saw as 'vengeance' on the police led him to blind PC David Rathband in the small village of East Denton. Rathband was parked in his patrol car and, like all police, was actively alert to the threat posed by Moat.

Moat, with his accomplices, circled the car at a roundabout a couple of times, before he exited. Calmly approaching the driver side door of the patrol car, Rathband had enough time to register what was happening as Moat raised the shotgun to the window and fired into his face at point blank range.

By some miracle of chance, Rathband survived but was blinded for life. Following this attack, the real nature of the threat that Moat posed to the public in general and the police in particular sparked the colossal manhunt that drove him to ground and ultimately to his demise in Rothbury.

18 months after the attack in March 2012, Northumberland police announced that David Rathband had been found dead in his home, having committed suicide.

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The shooting of PC David Rathband: location