The shooting of Samantha Stobbart and Chris Brown
3rd July 2010

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In the early hours of 3rd July 2010, Rauol Moat's ex-partner and her boyfriend were heading back to their house after an evening with their neighbours.

While the couple had enjoyed their evening, Moat had crouched below the window, listening to the flow of conversation. As they left, Moat 'jumped up' and shot Brown in the neck and chest. Stunned into flight, Stobbart ran back to her house, looking back outside from her window to see Moat execute Brown with a shot to the head. Moat then fired through the window in an attempt to kill Stobbart.

By sheer luck, he only managed to hit her arm and she survived despite the loss of blood from the resulting gunshot wound. Following this and the shooting of PC David Rathband within 24 hours, Moat turned outlaw and fled into the countryside.

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The shooting of Samantha Stobbart and Chris Brown: location