Mary Bateman - The Yorkshire Witch

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  • 1768
    Mary Bateman born in Asenby
  • 26th February 1792
    Marries John Bateman
    Following their marriage, the two move to Leeds - where Mary begins a career of petty thievery
  • 1806
    Becomes involved with the Perigos
    Rebecca Perigo believed she had been cursed. Mary Bateman's 'treatment' involves feeding Perigo with poisoned porridge
  • May 1806
    Rebecca Perigo dies
  • 21st October 1808
    Arrested on suspicion of murder of Rebecca Perigo
  • 20th March 1809
    Following her death, her body is put on public display. Pieces of her skin and flesh are taken by onlookers as grisly souvenirs.

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