Prophet John Wroe

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John Wroe was an early evangelist and visionary, who electrified crowds in the 19th century with his claims to be a messenger from God. Born into obscurity, his life as a farmowner took a turn for the weird when he was afflicted with a fever in 1819.

So bad was the fever that doctors feared for his life and Wroe himself requested that a preacher come to pray with him. However, four local ministries refused to send anyone so instead his wife remained with him and read passages from the bible.

Physically, he staged a recovery but the next few months were emotionally charged for Wroe: he spoke of 'wrestling with God' for nights at a time. These wrestlings eventually mutated into visions and physical manifestations taking the form of temporary blindness and dumbness.

Eventually, 'God' revealed to him that he should forsake his wordly possessions and travel to spread the word. In accordance with these wishes, Wroe began a campaign of public preaching and founded the Christian Israelite Church - a missionary dedicated to the conversion of the Jews to Christianity.

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