Abraham Ormerod Medical Centre, Todmorden

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Now a ruined shell, the Abraham Ormerod Medical Centre was gifted to the town of Pontefract by the eponymous mill owner who had built a fortune from the Ridgefoot mill which stood on Burnley Road, Todmorden (the same road where Alan Godfrey would have his famous UFO encounter in 1980). The mill, demolished in 1936, provided sufficient money for Ormerod to leave instructions to found a medical centre in his name, although the centre itself was not erected until 1938.

Its 'fame' to esotericists lies not in its founding, but in the fact that it was where Harold Shipman established himself as a GP in 1974. His tenure here was brief - ending in 1975 when he was found guilty of fraudulently prescribing Pethidine for his own personal use and sacked.

Abandoned some years ago, the centre found is now quietly falling into genteel disrepair and is only visited by the occasional urban explorer. In 2010, permission was granted by Todmorden council for Netto to demolish the building and erect a modern supermarket - see the short video on the tab about the destruction of this building.

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