Beaumaris Castle

Perhaps the grandest of all Edward I's fortifications in Wales, today its quiet majesty still beguiles visitors.

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Beaumaris Castle

Beaumaris Castle

The last and largest of the Welsh castles built by Edward I as part of the fortifications he undertook to entrench his conquest of the country. Deceptive in size, it appears from many exterior angles to be actually unimposing, but from the air or from within its walls its true size becomes apparent. Built on marshland (hence its French-derived name) it is ringed by a large moat and at one time had an internal dock so it could be supplied directly from the sea. Despite being unfinished, such is the advanced design it embodies it is a listed UNESCO World Heritage site and is widely regarded as one of the most impressive extant 13th century military buildings in the world.

Despite - or perhaps of - its intimidating cost, the castle was never actually completed. Like many ancient castles, it was garrisoned by Royalists during the English Civil War, but escaped destruction.

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