Eastmoor Approved School
8th March 2014

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Eastmoor Approved School

Eastmoor Approved School

Eastmoor Approved School

First opened in 1857 as the Leeds Reformatory School for boys, the School was funded by the Leeds Society for the Reformation of Juvenile Offenders, who deliberately chose the location as it was far enough away from the temptations of the city. By 1858, the school housed 50 boys, which had grown to 150 by 1887. The south-east wing  and Headmaster’s house were added in 1860, when the attic floor of the initial building was converted to dormitories. The workshops of the north-east wing, built by the boys in 1859, were rebuilt in 1881 after a fire, and a separate chapel to the south was added in 1882, designed to function also as a lecture room and subsequently as a gym, however there was no priest and the chapel was never consecrated. Surrounding land within the grounds was cultivated for crops and garden produce. The swimming pool beyond the north-west wing was added in 1887 and roofed in 1896. A boiler room between the north-west wing and the pool was inserted in 1899 to heat the pool, which was used by community groups as well as inmates.

The land was bought by Leeds City Council for Ł3,500 in 1875, having been leased to the Society by the (unknown) owner previously. The buildings continued in use as an approved school named Eastmoor School from 1933 and then a community home when it was taken over by Leeds City Council on 1st April 1973. It was then known as Eastmoor Community Home with Education. A number of separate houses were constructed around the core site from the 1950s onwards, but there has been little change to the 19th Century buildings externally. In 1993, a secure unit for young offenders was built on part of the site, formerly open land, also owned by Leeds City Council. It has been unused since 2004 although has been marketed for housing development.

Photos of the site can be found here.


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