York Minster

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  • 627
    Establishment of first church
    A wooden church is erected in order to baptise Edwin, King of Northumbria.
  • 637
    Stone building erected
    During the 630s, a more solid stone building is erected on the site of the earlier wooden church at the direction Oswald, King of Northumbria in around 634. In 637 the building is completed and dedicated to St. Peter.
  • 670
    Rebuilding work
    The stone church has fallen into disrepair since its construction when Saint Wilfred ascends to See of York in 670. He directs the repair and construction of both the main church and the attached school and library. Over the next century these become amongst the most substantial such institutions in Europe.
  • 1230
    Construction begins
    Construction begins on the current building.
  • 1472
    The current building is completed
  • 9th July 1984
    The south transept's roof was set alight by a lightning strike during the early morning hours. To save the rest of the building a decision was made by firefighters to collapse the roof deliberately by pouring many thousands of gallons of water onto it. This, while destroying the ancient timbers of the transept prevented the fire from spreading to other parts of the building.

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