Queensway Tunnel, spirits and lost village
15th June 1925

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Constructed between 1925 and 1934 (during which time 17 of the men working on the tunnel were killed) the two-mile-long Queensway Tunnel, which links Liverpool with Birkenhead, is said to be haunted by a female hitch-hiker and has also been the scene of numerous timeslips which have apparently shown the future as well as the past.

In the 1960s a young woman riding as a pillion passenger on a motorbike in the tunnel fell off and died from her injuries. Not long afterwards the woman’s ghost was seen by scores of motorists – and even Tunnel Police – standing in the middle of the road trying to thumb a lift.

During the first year of excavations for the tunnel, a “lost village” was uncovered under Manchester Street featuring tiny dwellings with 4-foot-tall doorways.

A spectral old-fashioned 1960s police vehicle has been seen in the Queensway Tunnel at all hours in the morning, and there have also been intriguing reports of a golden futuristic vehicle overtaking cars at a phenomenal speed and vanishing into a section of the tunnel wall.

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