Stone Circles and Megaliths

Posted in Weird Places


Before man put ink to paper to leave us records of his thoughts, he wrought his messages on the landscape. Through unimaginable labours at a time when every calorie wasted could mean death, great edifices of stone were quarried and lifted into place. Today, they still stand. Silent testimony to long-forgotten motivations.

Often, their arrangement and internal alignments suggest some kind of relationship with the heavens and the seasons. But whether those relations were practical ones - perhaps as calendars - or spiritual, the stones themselves are mute. Among the greatest unknowable features of our landscape, the standing stones will remain long after we and our speculations have passed into history ourselves.

Today, the have become touchstones for debates about identity: whether we are really a nation of moon-worshipping pagans, descendants of barbarian kings or merely the technocratic keepers of an unknown heritage.

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