Broadmoor Hospital

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  • May 1863
    Broadmoor opens
    The hospital - then known as Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum - opens with 95 female patients. It is "intended for the reception, safe custody and treatment of persons who had committed crimes while actually insane or who became insane whilst undergoing sentence of punishment"
  • 1891
    Thomas Cutbush committed to Broadmoor
    Convicted of a series of attacks on women's backsides with a pointed awl, Cutbush is sent to Broadmoor. Later, he will be named as a candidate for the identity for Jack the Ripper, although dismissed by senior police officials.
  • 1983
    Charles Bronson's rooftop protest
    Notoriously violent prisoner Charles Bronson takes to the roof to protest at conditions at Broadmoor. Over 47 hours he causes a quarter of a million pound's worth of damage to the roof. He later described the behaviour of some of his fellow patients:

    "I witnessed them running into walls, using their heads as rams. I've seen them fall unconscious doing this. They stabbed themselves with pens, needles, scissors. One even blinded himself in one eye and another tore out his own testicle. There was one just kept trying to eat himself, biting his arms, legs and feet."

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