Gallows of St. Leonards at Green Dykes Lane, York.

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  • 27th March 1575
    Frederick Gottfriend and Thomas Coneat
    These two unfortunates met their end at the gallows for the crime of coining guineas, which they circulated at York's Thursday market.
  • 30th March 1577
    Robert Scheveral, John de Tradescant and Henry George Masson
    The three are hanged at the gallows for breaking and entering the house of John Pascal, with the intent to murder and rob he and his family. Their bodies are given to the anatomists for dissection.
  • 30th July 1579
    Charles de Pascale and others
    De Pascale and his confederates in crime - Thomas de Warltire, George Edward de Priestley, Charlotte Morrett and Hannah Fourcroy meet their end on the gallows, found guilt of stealing silks and drapery goods worth upwards of 100 guineas.
  • 30th July 1581
    James Richardson
    Richardson is hung at the gallows for the murder of Thomas Miller in Knaresborough on the 5th of April, and for taking 20 in silver coins from his body.
  • 30th March 1583
    Peter Clark
    Clark is launched into eternity for the murder of Hannah Thompson in nearby Pocklington.
  • 8th August 1584
    Henry William Genyembre
    The oddly named Genyembre swings from the gallows for highway robbery and horse stealing.
  • 28th March 1587 - 15:00
    Frederick de Alcyonius, Richard de Aldrich and William de Malcolm
    The culprits are drawn from York Castle on a sledge to St Leonards where they are beheaded and quartered in front of an estimated 3000 spectators. Their heads are mounted on the walls of Micklegate bar.
  • 10th August 1588
    Andrew Turner
    Turner is hanged for coining.
  • 10th August 1588
    Henry Ashe
    Ashe pays the price of his life for the crime of raping Jane Furnish on the road between Hull and York.
  • 23rd April 1590
    George Wynch and Peter de Ramus
    The two men are hanged by the neck for committing highway robbery near Hexby on the Hull road on February 1st 1590. Their bodies are buried at nearby St. George's church.
  • 27th March 1597
    John Thomas de Nelme
    De Nelme hangs for the robbery and attemped murder of Eugene Petit at Heworth Moor on the 8th January 1597. His body is taken from the gallows and hung in chains at the scene of the crime.
  • 2nd April 1600
    George Wostenholme and accomplices
    Wostenholme, Thomas Wilson, Richard Thomas, James Norrison, Robert Noke, Franchis Mitchel and Henry Hutchinson are despatched into death at the gallows for murder and smuggling. On the 6th January, they had killed Captain Thomas Fletcher and seamen Guy Foster, William Forest and George Fowler of the ship 'Nancy' in the port of Hull. No fewer than 6000 people gather to watch the men be hanged. Their remains are given for dissection for the anatomists of York and Hull.

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