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Why would aliens cross the cold, vasty depths of space or time to visit a windy outcrop of rocks in the North Sea? Perhaps there is no answer to that unless, perhaps, they have a fondness for black puddings or morris dancing.

But then, despite the prima facie nonsense of the proposition, our skies play host to what many think are spacecraft, come to impart wisdom or perhaps fear in our people. Others point the finger to our inner spaces... perhaps in some way the UFOs originate from within rather than without.

Still others see a spiritual dimension to our otherwordly visitors or something far more prosaic: errant balloons or misidentified stars.

Whatever the "truth" of such cases (and it is likely to lie in and between some or all of these various theories) still people find themselves subject to visitations from what to the evidence of their own eyes and beliefs appear to be alien spacecraft and their pilots.

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